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Installing Android Studio and Oracle JDK(Ubuntu Linux)

Hi guys! Instructions how to install Oracle JDK and Android will work for All Ubuntu systems(Mint and Elementary included) and Debian. This way of installation will include  Oracle JRE in JDK SE8 download. So gonna start step by step With some pictures included. Step 1 Check to see if your Ubuntu Linux OS architecture is… (read more)

Installing Android Studio and Oracle JDK(Windows 10)

Android Is the biggest mobile platform in the world at the moment and probably it is not going to change for some time. So developing applications for Android platform is no brainer (if developing applications is Your thing, or Your target). But first You have to install Oracle Java development Kit and set target preferences,… (read more)

Building an app on all three platforms

So I have decided that I will try some interesting project. I will build an application on all three mobile platforms, with latest updates(Android Marshmallow, IOS 9 and Windows 10 application) and all to be used with wearable. I did think at the beginning to use Xamarin(software to write code for all three platforms in… (read more)

What is this site all about.

Hi to everybody. My Name is Einars Vilnis. Almost three years ago I realized that being interested in  and just reading about software and technology wasn’t enough for me. I realized that what i really would like to do is write software by myself. Not only that, building my own computers, fixing my own phones,… (read more)