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What is this site all about.

Hi to everybody.

My Name is Einars Vilnis.

Almost three years ago I realized that being interested in  and just reading about software and technology wasn’t enough for me.
I realized that what i really would like to do is write software by myself.
Not only that, building my own computers, fixing my own phones, trying out different computer operating
systems(I mean Linux Distribution flavors) and different phone
custom roms.

Now after some bumps in the road I am ready to start to do what i really love  full time. (I said, I am ready, not doing it yet).
So what i gonna do…
While starting to develop my first applications at the start for android. This is going to be the place where i discuss my progress,
talk about programming, technology and everything around what interests me.
Yea and  maybe a bit about sports, cos You have to move now and then and see the world outside(Am I right?)….

So lets Begin This Journey…