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Building an app on all three platforms

So I have decided that I will try some interesting project. I will build an application on all three mobile platforms, with latest updates(Android Marshmallow, IOS 9 and Windows 10 application) and all to be used with wearable. I did think at the beginning to use Xamarin(software to write code for all three platforms in c#), but then I decided, that would be too straight forward. I decided that I would like to try all three platform SDK’s  and then make full review on which was more natural, with bigger support (For me), and better interface.

So I am going to use Android Studio for Android Marshmallows, Visual studio community for Windows 10, and xCode for IOS 9; Sounds interesting (right?)….

My idea is in the end to have very functional “Gym log” application including, GPS, Calendar, Photo, and Wearable support.

So in my next post I will start by installing OS X on VMWare (Yes I don’t have an apple computer), optimizing it and installing all the essential software for it to start develop applications…

If You like this idea please let me know in the comments below, which program language You would like me to use for IOS 9. Swift or Objective-C or maybe both?.

Till next time…