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Installing Android Studio and Oracle JDK(Windows 10)

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Android Is the biggest mobile platform in the world at the moment and probably it is not going to change for some time.

So developing applications for Android platform is no brainer (if developing applications is Your thing, or Your target). But first You have to install Oracle Java development Kit and set target preferences, to even think about running android studio. I will show every step by number so, that it is easier to follow along Installing Android Studio and Oracle JDK.

  1. Download Java development Kit from here .
  2. When file is downloaded, open it and install like You would any other .exe program.
  3. After go to (Local disc):\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_(update number)\bin"
    and Copy that address as text.
    Then go to:
    File explorer press right mouse button on:
    "My Computer" and from here > "Properties" > "Advanced System Settings" > "Environment Variables...".

    In "System variables" scroll down to find "Path", and past the copied address in the end of the line after semi colon.
    After that press "Ok", and again in "System variables", press "New".
    In "Variable name" write "JAVA_HOME",
    and in "Variable value" paste "(Local disc):\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_(update number)".(The same address just without “\bin” in the end).
  4. Now You are ready to download Android Studio from here.
  5. Again, when file is downloaded, open it and install like You would any other .exe program.

From this point android studio gives You couple of steps to personalize you IDE. Because all Your environment references are set, android studio will Automatically set up its
Java Development Kit and Android SDK references.

Hope it helps some of You.

Next will be all of this on Linux Ubuntu.

See You next time…